Monday, 2 November 2009

Statement by Chief Smohalla of the Nez Percé Indians

My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream & wisdom comes in dreams.
You ask me to plow the ground. Shall I take a knife and tear my mother's breast? Then when I die she will not take me to
her bosom to rest.

You ask me to dig for stone. Shall I dig under her skin for bones? Then when I die I cannot enter her body to be born again.

You ask me to cut grass and make hay a
nd sell it and be rich like white men. But how dare I cut my mother's hair?

It is a bad law and my people cannot obey it. I want my people to stay with me here. All the dead men will come to life again. We must wait here in the house of our fathers and be ready to meet them in the
body of our mother.

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