Sunday, 4 July 2010

My selection of twitter fiction!

I think it's kinda cool to limit yourself to 140 characters to actually wrtie something that has a shape, setting and characters. It's difficult, it's witty and many different things come out and some are incredibly original while some are incredibly (or relatively) boring. So here are some I like:

She clawed her way up the path, determined to reach the summit. 'Who needs legs?' she thought.

The battle was won and she smiled down at those she trampled. Her victory would be short lived, but it was the journey that mattered.

She danced to the beat of her own drummer, but it was always on table tops at random bars.

And then the meeting entered a stage where it seemed endless. Eternal. And he noticed his watch had stopped so he wound it. Nothing changed.

The storm raged through her mind and suddenly - silence. She knew better. This was just the eye.

Eldon wisely saved his pennies for a rainy day. When the storms came, he made his escape, leaving behind his wife who was afraid of water.

The doctor had told him his anxiety was all in his head. But the cars were zooming past him and he knew he would never cross this boulevard.

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